Bankart Launches Vipera’s HCE Solution.

Vipera Plc (AIM: VIP), the cutting-edge provider of mobile financial services and digital customer engagement solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Host Card Emulation (“HCE”) mobile wallet solution in Slovenia with Bankart d.o.o., a leading payment processor to 26 banks and other financial institutions across South-Eastern Europe.

The mobile wallet is initially being deployed by NLB, the largest bank in Slovenia, allowing their customers to make contactless payments using their Android smartphones. Further phases of the roll-out will see Bankart making the solution available to its client banks in five additional countries across [Eastern Europe].

Vipera’s proprietary mobile banking and payment platform, Motif, enables financial services and retail customers to effectively manage their digital channels and provide a range of services in a single user experience. Motif is integrated with Mastercard’s and Visa’s tokenisation services which will orchestrate the HCE processes for Bankart. The Motif platform is a multi-tenant solution, allowing Bankart to serve all of its territories and customers from a central installation and allows end users to perform payments from their Android mobile phones.

Vipera has been awarded Platinum Partner status by Mastercard for its Digital Wallet..

Marco Casartelli, CEO of Vipera plc, commented: “We are delighted to be launching our digital wallet solution with Bankart and we very much look forward to delivering more innovative solutions together in the future.”

Tomaž Borštner, Division Manager, Technology Division, Bankart, commented: “Vipera demonstrated the technical capability and flexibility that we were looking for in such an important project. The Motif platform and the fact that it is already integrated with both Mastercard and Visa were important factors in choosing Vipera and we are very pleased to have agreed a multi-year partnership.”.


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About Bankart:

Bankart d.o.o., Ljubljana is a leading Slovenian company in the field of payment processing. It was founded in 1997 by the majority of banks in Slovenia and it provides ATM, POS, card and SEPA processing services to 26 banks and other financial institutions in 5 countries in South-eastern Europe. Bankart’s acquiring network consists of more than 2,000 ATMs and more than 20,000 POS terminals. Issuer processing is provided for more than 3 million cards.