Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 20th April

Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 20th April

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

Mobile scan-and-go shopping: The future of retail is now

Mobile Payments Today

As brick and mortar retailers suffer ever increasing competition from online their costs are going up as their revenues decrease. Embracing transformative technologies such as mobile scan-and-go solutions could be one way of countering this.

China Leads In Mobile Payments

Seeking Alpha

In 2016 Chinese mobile payments hit $5.5 trillion. Chinese (especially the young) are embracing cashless and e-commerce transactions and this is set to continue. The proliferation of mobile buying and the dominance of marketplaces such as Alibaba, and Tmall has helped increase comfort with mobile shopping for goods of all types, nationwide.

Read here for how Vipera and Sella are working together to bring mobile payment systems to the Italian market.

Mobile wallets: Are US consumers on the verge of increased use?

Mobile Payments Today

U.S. consumers’ interest in mobile wallets has ebbed and flowed for the past seven years but despite a proliferation of options, uptake remains limited. A new survey has revealed that this may be about to change.

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