Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 13th July

Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 13th July

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

 The Risks Mobile Payments Present to Financial Services – Fortinet

Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile payments and are expecting banks and financial services firms to ensure their security when using them. As a result, financial services organisations must increase their ability to develop security features to keep pace with cyberattacks.

The Digital Payment Industry Is Still a Very Diverse Landscape – Payments Journal

Varying speeds of adoption of digital and the continued popularity of local payment methods show that even the biggest players in payments still need to work to understand local markets and payment choices to gain acceptance.

Handelsbanken trials micro contactless cards – Finextra

Nordic bank Handelsbanken is entering the wearable payments market, trialling a micro contactless card that can be put into a wristband, bracelet, watch strap or keyring.

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