Mobile Payments in a Moment – Friday 18th May

Mobile Payments in a Moment – Friday 18th May

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

Study: Mobile payment users unlikely to recommend the Pays – Mobile Payments Today

A study by Auriemma Consulting group has revealed that users of mobile wallet apps Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are on the increase but their satisfaction with the products is not.

PayPal’s CEO says digital payments will replace credit cards – UK Business Insider

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman noted that he believes credit cards will be largely obsolete in 20 years. Unsurprisingly considering his vested interest, Schulman believes they’ll be replaced by more convenient digital methods – but for now debit and credit cards remain far and away users’ most popular payment method.

China Increasingly Combining Mobile Payments And Identification – Payment Week

China is trying to accelerate their already fast pace of mobile payments adoption. They are working together with the private sector to build a new kind of digital identification system that incorporates mobile payments alongside the existing mandatory ID card.

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