Mobile Payments in a Moment – Friday 1st June

Mobile Payments in a Moment – Friday 1st June

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

The Gig Economy’s $1.2T Digital Payments Potential –

The gig economy is on the rise and with it the need for payments systems that provide quick and easy payments. PYMNTS look back at the very first example of the gig economy, which used an innovative and very analogue method of centralised payments, and examine what it could mean for today’s solutions.

Mobile Payments Need to Be Better Integrated into Consumers’ Digital Routines – Payments Journal

Retailers are increasingly embedding rewards and perks within mobile payment apps to encourage customers to download and use their apps, boosting customer loyalty and overall take-up – but they need to do more.

Data: 5 ways VR will disrupt retail and mobile payments –  Payments Source

An examination of the future of VR technology for retail and mobile payments (slideshow).

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