Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 29th June

Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 29th June

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

What can US retailers learn from China about mobile payments? – Mobile Payments Today

It is an established fact that China is leading the world in mobile payments. US retailers can learn from this by embracing a variety of mobile payment options, making the payment process easy and convenient and integrating it with social media platforms.

Why Americans are warming to mobile payments – The Economist

The US is lagging behind when it comes to mobile payment adoption.  Barriers include the fragmentation of payment systems and an ongoing affection for paying by cheque and cash.  Things are changing though. Contactless transactions are predicted to increase and perceptions around the security of mobile payments compared to other methods altering.

How are digital payment solutions transforming smaller retailers? – Retail Insight Network

Digital payments are transforming small retailers worldwide. Trust and convenience are big drivers for take and the revolution has opened up banking services to millions of low-income consumers in the developing world.

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