Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 6th April

Mobile Payments in a Moment Friday 6th April

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on mobile payments.

How connected cars are driving connected payments – Mobile Payments Today

Mobile payments aren’t necessarily limited to smartphones – there is the potential for devices that we don’t usually associate with financial services to begin making them, too. This piece outlines how drivers might be able to begin use their cars as payment devices at pumps.

The move from cash to electronic payments should be on our terms not the big banks’ – Independent

Banks are working to reduce the number of cash machines, while card issuers are running advertising campaigns warning customers that “cash is awkward”. But reports of the death of cash might be exaggerated – the total value of cash in circulation is actually rising.

Western payments groups play long game in China – FT

China’s mobile payments market is 50 times bigger than that of the US, represent a colossal potential market for Western card issuers. But getting access is not easy – many issuers are finding that their applications to operate in the country are stalled or having difficulty getting out of the starting blocks.

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