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Aim rule 26

Share information

AIM Listing

ISIN: GB00B5M62J37

There are 118,065,960 shares (45.33%) not in public hands as defined by the AIM Rules.
There are 260,419,725 ordinary shares of 1p each in issue.

There are no restrictions on transfers of shares.
This shareholder information was last updated on 24 April 2017.

Significant Shareholders

The following interests of three percent or more of the issued Ordinary share capital had been notified to the Company:

  Ordinary Shares Interest Significant Interest percentage
Neby & Jahrmann Srl ** 42,018,730 16.14%
Mobile World Srl * 30,694,303 11.79%
Octopus Investments Ltd 28,775,465 11.05%
Silvano Maffeis 24,522,459 9.42%
Angife Srl 10,282,968 3.73%
Mauro Duca 8,o77,500 2.88%

* Mobile World Srl holds shares on behalf of Marco Casartelli, a Director of the Company.
** Neby & Jahrmann Srl holds shares on behalf of Petter Neby, a Director of the Company.

Warrants and Options

Warrants to subscribe for 11,000,000 new ordinary shares of the Company are outstanding. Options to subscribe for a total of 14,575,000 new ordinary shares in the company have been granted to directors and staff. There are no Treasury shares held by the Company.