Vipera Digital Wallet


Vipera’s Digital Wallet, powered by the Motif platform, holds multiple instruments that deliver payment solutions for banks & retailers,

and their customers. As well as credit and debit cards, the wallet can store coupons and loyalty cards for reward programmes.


Proximity Payment


Vipera’s adaptable white-label solution provides banks with a quick route to market for mobile contactless payments.

Pre-integrated with MDES & VTS, our HCE solution has passed an independent functionality & security certification process approved by Mastercard. 

In addition to NFC, we offer a QR code solution based on Mastercard Masterpass, and a BLE solution using Ingenico and Verifone dongles.

Remote Payment


Vipera’s remote payment wallet offers a frictionless and secure e-commerce check-out process, reducing cart abandonment and increasing merchants’ sales.

Our remote payment wallet is fully integrated with Masterpass and is VisaCheckout ready.  Transaction security options include 3D Secure and DSRP (Digital Secure Remote Payment).

P2P / Instant Payment


Our P2P, meaning peer to peer, payment solution allows users to send money to friends on their mobile phone contact list. (beneficiaries’ account details are associated with their mobile phone number).

Payment Requests and Bill Splits are incorporated.

The same solution can also support instant consumer-to-merchant payments using dynamic or static QR code.

To understand more about the solution:

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Innovation in Payments

Vipera’s payment solutions integrate a range of innovations to enhance user experience: