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Vipera has over 10 years of experience in developing core technology that allows for the rapid development, deployment and delivery of mobile financial services. Our platform, Motif, is a flexible software system that allows for full mobile access to any financial services data or transactional activity/transaction.

This central architecture provides a stable and secure interface with enterprise systems that can be built and plugged into and operate from the Vipera Platform. It is being constantly developed, refined and improved to increase its capacity to support new solutions to emerging mobile financial challenges.

It is multi-service, cross-carrier and cross-device – supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android handsets. The platform is the heartbeat of Vipera.



The Vipera Platform offers a wide range of functionalities:

  • Mobile Payments, the purchasing of digital or physical goods and services securely via the mobile web

  • Local/Proximity Mobile Payments, the purchasing of goods at a store’s physical location using the mobile phone as a payment mechanism and as an alternative to cash or cards

  • Mobile Banking, aimed at existing bank account holders and offering standard online banking directly to the mobile phone

  • Mobile Money Transfers/Remittances, the secure transfer of money over the mobile web


and technology edges:

  • Speed to market: a technology that is ready to deploy

  • Multi-service, scaleable and adaptable for banking, money transfer and payments

  • Access to mobile financial services through any available mobile operator

  • Device support from low end to smart phones

  • Market leading security

  • A fully customisable consumer interface

  • Rapid delivery of screens, menus and transactional sequences