PSD2 in 90 seconds Friday 11th May

PSD2 in 90 seconds Friday 11th May

Welcome to our regular roundup of the best news and opinion on PSD2.


Are 3D-Secure and One Time Passwords compliant with PSD2? – Gemalto

A look at banks’ use of 3D Secure and One Time Passwords, and whether they will be permitted under the regulations following PSD2.

Three Fintechs leading Open banking initiatives in the UK – Daily Fintech

As regulators tune data sharing and Open Banking policies, they will have to make decisions on how much control financial services firms have over customer data. This piece looks at three FinTech companies who have focused their product offering around these decisions.

How innovation in security can be a market differentiator for banks in the PSD2 and Open Banking era – Finextra

In the era of PSD2 and Open Banking financial institutions have to tread a fine line between making their systems open to third parties with no negative effect on customer experience and maintaining security of the information they hold. Fraud prevention and innovative authentication – if done well – could provide the market differentiation that these institutions seek.

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