PSD2 in 90 Seconds Friday 17th November

PSD2 in 90 Seconds Friday 17th November

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Welcome to our roundup of the best news and opinion on PSD2 from the last week.

How will banks equip and empower Two Pizza Teams (TPTs) after PSD2? – Paul Rohan

Having small, agile ‘startup style’ teams will be crucial for dealing with the issues raised by PSD2 – they’ll need to be empowered to make decisions themselves, rather than deferring to a larger corporate management structure. These could take the form of skunkworks.

Open Banking Starts With Opening Bank Culture – Forbes

A cultural shake up in major banks is key to their adapting to open banking – it starts with an open mindset and a willingness to embrace solutions such as community based open source technology.

Open Banking Will Revolutionize Financial Services … Maybe – Financial Brand

Will open banking be a revolution that leaves traditional banks standing and startups surging, or will it be a damp squib? The truth could lie in the middle. ‘Open banking’ could become ‘marketplace banking’ – where banks act provide a toolkit for the creation of a variety of third party financial services, as well as acting as the conduit between these services and customers.

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