PSD2 in 90 Seconds Friday 1st December

PSD2 in 90 Seconds Friday 1st December

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Welcome to our roundup of the best news and opinion on PSD2 from the last week.

Commission sets deadline for banks to meet new payment standards – Finextra

PSD2 comes into effect in January 2018 but the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) underpinning it will not be fully implementable until 18 months after they are published in September 2018. The regulations, covering ‘screen scraping’ and customer security are yet to be finalised.

Banks begin the countdown to the application of PSD2 – BBVA

BBVA with a view on the customer-centric payments ecosystem that banks should be working to deliver post-PSD2. Security and good use of data will be key.

Data analytics and AI will be key with PSD2 and the new fraud landscape – IBT

PSD2 presents a risk for increased fraud – the ability of TPPs to access customer data means bank’s ability to combat misappropriation of data will become even more important. Data analytics and AI will be key tools.

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