PSD2 in 90 seconds – Friday 2nd March

PSD2 in 90 seconds – Friday 2nd March

Welcome to our roundup of the best news and opinion on PSD2 from the last week.


Why GDPR and PSD2 are huge opportunities and not threats for banks – Bobsguide

Many tier 1 and 2 banks have so far taken something of a pessimistic view of PSD2 and GDPR – this is another angle on how a better approach is to focus on the opportunities rather than the threat.

Second Payment Services Directive: 8 things businesses needs to know – Information Age

Information Age have highlighted eight ‘fine print’ aspects of the legislation that should not be overlooked. Companies who’ve studied these can be quick to take steps to make sure their organisations they’re fully capitalising on the competitive advantages that PSD2 can provide.

Open Banking – A Revolution in Customer Outcomes? – Huntswood

Open Banking promises to bring significant consumer benefits. The challenge for firms is to identify emerging risks and put robust measures in place to manage them effectively and proactively. Full compliance and solid risk management has the potential to significantly increase customer satisfaction.

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