PSD2 will change the competitive dynamic in the marketplace. Banks can chose to simply comply with the directive and hope to defend their position or seek to maximise the value of their investment.

 To comply with PSD2, banks must create a “Communication Interface” to provide access to payment accounts (XS2A) for Third Party Providers.


Vipera’s Motif Platform can be deployed as that Communication Interface, an integration layer to host the necessary APIs to manage TPPs’ access to payment accounts.

But Vipera’s PSD2 strategy goes beyond compliance with regulation.

Our strategy, and our Motif Platform, positions banks to generate new revenues from their PSD2 investment.

By exploiting our expertise in data analytics, banks can build a picture of the activities of the Third Party Providers, better understand their customers and create opportunities to cross-sell and win new customers.

1. Enquiry Analytics.

Which third party providers are accessing our customer accounts ? What information are they looking for ? What kind of payments are being made ? To whom ?  What is the profile of our customers who seek out the services of third party providers ?

Motif is designed to provide full-scale analytics on the transactions running through it.

2. Cross-Selling Opportunities.

What is the financial position of our customers in other financial institutions ? What services do they access out there ? Can we offer them a similar service ?

Motif is designed to take advantage of other banks’ APIs, to retrieve information on our customers’ financial position there (with their permission), to cross-sell new products based on that information and to reinforce our position as their primary financial service provider.

3. New Customer Opportunities

Banks can exploit the PSD2 regulations by themselves becoming an Account Information Service Provider. Offering services such as Personal Financial Management apps to aggregate the financial position of non-customers, banks can access a wealth of information about them and then offer appropriate product solutions.

The Motif platform is designed to enquire, gather and deliver information about customer behaviour on a real time basis, providing sales services centres and branches with relevant information to turn leads into customers.

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