With fewer opportunities for face-to-face engagement and with a greater threat of disintermediation under PSD2, banks must work hard to establish and protect client relationships.


Mobile & online channels represent the most direct and immediate way to engage customers. Vipera provides banks and retailers with the tools to reach their customers with effective customer engagement campaigns.

We support a range of highly targeted rewards programmes.


Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are earned using bank services or shopping at the bank’s retail partners. The points may be redeemed online or in the stores of the retail partners. 


Using a customer’s demographic, transaction history and real-time location, we can deliver relevant and compelling offers to their smartphone, at the right time and place.


A percentage of the amount spent by the cardholder is automatically credited to their account by the bank.                                            


Programme Management


Vipera’s Rewards solution facilitates the simple and effective management of loyalty programmes.  Registered merchants upload offers on a designated portal, including number of offers, expiry dates and images.  The bank approves the offer and the system shows it to the appropriate customers according to agreed user clustering.

Our user clustering is based on both demographic factors and an analysis of users’ spending history.  This ensures that customers receive only offers that are relevant to them, and merchants have the opportunity to target new customers with a genuine interest in their products.