Omnichannel Banking

True omnichannel banking promises a seamless customer experience when moving between mobile and online channels.   Our dedicated UX team brings over a decade of experience creating exciting mobile banking interfaces to deliver user-centric, visual online banking solutions.

Simpler, more intuitive homepages now greet online users with quicker access to key functions, and links to comprehensive banking services.

Our solution includes a full suite of services for mobile, pc, tablet and wearables and is easily extendible to payments and customer loyalty programs.

Motif Platform

Vipera’s Motif Platform allows for the rapid development, deployment and delivery of mobile financial services. It is a highly flexible and scalable platform. It is PCI DSS compliant, offers loose coupling with legacy systems, connectors with card networks and ease of integration with third parties based on plug-in logic. Is is available as SaaS or on-premises.

It is at the heart of all of our solutions.