We’ve taken the convenience of online banking services and transferred them to any mobile device, from high-end to feature phones, with off the shelf functionality and dynamic extensibility.

Mobile Banking, aimed at existing bank account holders and offering standard online banking directly to the mobile phone. The provider has the scalability to add new functionality with no requirement for the customer to go through the frustration of re–subscribing.

credit transfer, paying bills,
buying or selling stock, Market leading security,
Multi–channel support,

Fully configurable registration and activation process
Add ongoing updates with no–need to re–register
Cross–carrier, cross–platform, SMS, USSD
Supports existing branded payment cards

Delivering financial services that can be accessed through multiple mobile channels, telco operators and handsets with different characteristics is complex and time consuming and can lead to high costs of maintenance. To help alleviate this problem, Vipera provides a rapid development approach for Mobile Applications, and a single-point of integration approach for all mobile channels

MBanking in use: Mashreq case study – Snapp
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