Vipera Among the First Partners in the Philips’ Lighting Location Lab

Vipera is pleased to announce that it has joined Philips Lighting’s new Location Lab Partner Program.

Philips’ highly accurate indoor positioning system will allow Vipera to further refine the proximity marketing solutions it has developed for European retailers and hospitals and apply them to other areas where precise location of people and goods is important, such as airports, warehouses or shopping malls.

Vipera is already active in two of the major use cases for indoor positioning: retail stores and hospitals.

In retail, Vipera is supporting a major European electronics retailer to overcome the problem of showrooming (where customers visit the store to view and test products but then buy them online), as part of a broader integrated customer engagement solution.

On entering the store, the customer receives a welcome message on their phone. As they walk around, the system can sense where they pause to view a product, how long they view it for and how often they return to it.  Customers can view extensive catalogue information, either by scanning QR codes or using augmented reality functionality (simply taking a photo of the product itself). The app can also guide them directly to a chosen product by taking a photo of the item in a catalogue.

Having identified the customer’s product of interest, the system can then issue a special offer coupon to their app, encouraging the customer to buy it on the spot (and so mitigate the risk of showrooming). The customer can choose to pay in-app or at the checkout, and to collect the product or have it delivered. All within the app.

This solution has been on trial in over 100 stores in Europe and is not only generating significant incremental sales, but also reducing the waiting time at tills and reducing the frustration felt when customers can’t find staff to ask questions about the product.

In a major hospital in Italy, Vipera and its partners have deployed a beacon-based system to welcome patients to the hospital and guide them to the correct department for their appointments. It will also allow them to register and then inform them where they are in the queue, so that they don’t have to stand in a line or wait unnecessarily in a crowded waiting room.  Future phases are looking at extending the solution to maximise staff efficiency.

Philips Lighting utilizes a combination of its Visible Light Communication technology, Bluetooth, and the smartphone’s inertial sensors to deliver an indoor positioning system that offers 30 cm accuracy plus orientation, in-pocket notifications, and analytics. Visible Light Communication works by individual light points transmitting their location through modulation of light that can be detected by a smart phone camera but not by the human eye.  As well as being extremely accurate, the Philips system overcomes the problem that other location systems have which is that many phone users choose to leave Bluetooth switched off to save battery-life.

Vipera looks forward to working with the Philips’ Indoor Positioning System, and with the other Lab Partners, to create innovative and exciting solutions to improve the customer retail experience and staff efficiency.